File Types
We prefer .ai or unflattened .psd files. We can also work with .eps, .tif, nd .pdf files. Be sure to outline all fonts. Please do not send us .jpg files or Word docs as these will require art preparation for which we will have to charge you. If you have multiple layers, please name them with the ink color or PMS number to be used.

Art at Print Size
Please have the art sized at the final size you want your design printed, at at least 300dpi. We recommend that you design at your intended print size so that your art has enough detail.

It's always helpful to have a mockup of how you imagine the final product. This helps us out a lot, especially with non-standard placements and printing over seams. It will also help us suggest a different print size if we think that the size of the art you've submitted won't result in a print that resembles your mockup.